“Vasudev recently shared his beautiful voice, music and energy within a yin yoga workshop I was leading in Bali. On more than one occasion I was so entranced by his contribution that I had to simply stop teaching and just listen, feel and appreciate. Unsurprisingly, after the workshop, he sold out of all the cd’s he had with him. I look forward to sharing a healing space with Vasudev again soon.” Simon Low Principal, The Yoga Academy www.theyogaacademy.org

“Vasudev’s Kirtan spirit and approach is a beautiful combination of love, attention to the audience, and knowledge of Sanskrit and chanting. He easily combines a learning of kirtan, while having an experience of kirtan in a fun and spirited atmosphere. His easy-going style and love of Bhakti Yoga is apparent in everything he does. I look forward to working with him again for our Yoga Teacher Trainings and giving our students exposure to the love of kirtan!” Liz Carey Recharge Retreats / Awakened Life School of Yoga  liz@recharge-retreats.com

“What a bhakti-filled & blessed experience to enjoy kirtan led by Vasudev! He exudes a gentle maturity for holding a space that encourages all to sing from their hearts and to discover the healing vibrations of sacred mantras & heart songs. His collection of songs touches every corner of the heart, led by a voice that readily invites beautiful harmonies. Definitely an enchanting experience!” Amber Sawyer, PhD, Founder & Director of Satsanga, a meditation and yoga community in Singapore http://www.singasatsanga.com/

“Vasudev represents everything we are looking for in a kirtan musician; talent and a palpable spirituality.” Craig Perkins Director of Yandara Yoga Institute http://www.yandara.com/

”Really nice playing with you. I love your chanting.” Fantuzzi Independent artist http://www.fantuzzimusic.com/

“Vasudev succeeds to inspire through his straight forward matter of fact animation of heralding devotional singing and uplifting Bhajans. It is a delight to sing with him.” Kailash Kokopelli Independent artist http://www.kailash-kokopelli.com/

“I have had the privilege to enjoy Vasudev’s live music within a Kirtan setting, live accompaniment within a gentle yin session, as well as using his recorded music in my own yoga classes. I am immediately transported into a deeper state of being. His dedication and love for this art is palpable. Thanks for sharing your gifts!” Simone MacKay Director of School of Sacred Arts http://www.schoolofsacredarts.net/

“Throughout my time in Bali, Vasudev’s memorable and remarkable experiences, while his focused one-on-one conversation support was one of the most significant. During the kirtan I would find myself being able to come into a different type of meditation from that which I was used to. It was almost like a joined meditation, where everyone felt joy and oneness, and I would always leave the song circles a happier, more grounded person. One time, I took my mother to a Kirtan, which she had never experienced before, and she left with a glow in her whole body! Whitney Ann-Rielly Yoga student at SOSA YTT October 2012 http://www.schoolofsacredarts.net/

“My first encounter with the kirtan music of Vasudev was during my SOSA yoga teacher training in Bali. He introduced us to his kirtan songs during the opening ceremony, and he organized a workshop in our training. I really loved every second of his kirtan music. All the songs consist of positive words and words straight from the heart. Even if you don’t understand the Sanskrit words in the songs, that doesn’t matter; You feel the positive energy that the songs are creating. It’s wonderful to feel the atmosphere that Vasudev creates during his kirtan evenings. Joining his kirtan evenings made me happy, blissful and full of energy!” Kelly Yoga student at SOSA YTT October 2012 http://www.schoolofsacredarts.net/